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Social distancing


Chia, Southern Sardinia.

Vintage 70’s Dress, 100% linen

Urban pep coat, hand painted by “La fille Bertha” unique piece / 2020

Everyone leaves.

Was it a privilege to live here?

In social distancing.

Now more than ever…



Vintage 80’s silk dress, Urban pep

Prada, Ruched Hobo Bag in Nylon.

80’s Vintage turquoise blue Silk dress/
Prada, Ruched Hobo Bag in Nylon.

Urban pep green sweatshirt, 100% viscose.

Photographer: Alessandro Perra

Hair & Make up: Viviana Murgia

Styling & Art direction: Ponyo Paka

Model: Beatrice Manzo

Urban escape


Urban pep 70’s dress























Shirt by Urban pep, 100% recycled textiles



Via stretta


Urban pep vintage selection, chemisier



Paris is Always a good idea

Vintage ’70 dress Urban Pep

Relax on the Seine

Vintage 80’s silk dress Urban Pep

Away form Rue de l’Université for a little break!

 Vintage 70’s dress with pointed collar Urban Pep


Un thé s’il vous plait!




















Photographer: Alessandro Perra
Stylist: Vanessa Zuddas
Model: Lea Rostain